Dependable Services

Don't lose time and peace of mind trying to track down your assets. When you need prompt recovery for everything from consumer vehicles to heavy equipment and trucks, S.C.A.R. is here to help. We maintain your legitimacy with professional asset recovery services that take the stress out of the process. Simply place assignments with us, and we'll use our extensive access to contemporary technology and databases to find and repossess the property you need to grow effectively in your industry.

Comprehensive Reacquisition Solutions

Our goal is simple: to get your assets back to you. To that end, we incorporate a wide range of additional services to enhance our abilities and leverage technology to deliver a distinct advantage in the recovery process. Some of our benefits include:

Traffic in Long Exposure
  • Simultaneous Assignment of Accounts
  • Insurance from an 'A' Rated Company
  • Reliable and Accurate Condition Reporting
  • Available Locksmith and Key Manufacturing
  • Quality Transportation of Repossessed Units
  • Field Investigations
  • Licensing by TDLR #006270316C
  • Professional Case Managers with Access to Nationwide Skip Databases
  • LPR Technology with 2.5 Million New Locations per Month
  • GPS-Equipped Fleet with On-Board Computers
  • 24/7 Video and Audio Fleet Surveillance
  • Secured Asset and Property Storage with Video Surveillance

Our commitment to supporting your success doesn't end with acquisition. We also offer recovered vehicle remarketing to give you more freedom with the assets we deliver. No matter what you need related to recovery and repossession, you can count on us to provide it.